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When children are removed from their home or other unsafe environment and placed into Foster Care, they lose everything that is familiar to them. They often come into care without any personal items. In 2015, The Blue Ribbon Project launched its Backpacks of Love Program to provide emergency essentials to children the moment they enter the foster care system. Our Backpacks of Love contain essential necessities for kids of all ages who are entering the system. Each backpack is designed to be gender and age specific. These backpacks include such things as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, children's soap/body wash, children's shampoo, changes of clothing for the child's age, personal clothing (underwear, socks, pajamas), and age appropriate books and toys.

Mirah's Closet is named in memory and honor of Mirah Chhabra. Below, is a wonderful piece written by Mirah's parents, Hanita and Mandeep Chhabra:


Mirah Sawhney Chhabra was born on January 2nd 2013 and was the light of our lives. Her name means Princess and that she was. But not in an entitled way. Rather, in a way that it was clear she was destined for amazing things.