Mirah's Closet, a Foster Closet Program offered by The Blue Ribbon Project, provides FREE clothing and other essential items to children who are in foster care. We provide school uniforms, play clothes, pajamas, new underwear, outer clothing, and seasonal items such as coats and bathing suits. We also work to fill other needs of youth in foster care (such as housewares for youth aging out of the foster care system and moving out on their own). All of the items offered by Mirah's closet are mostly new items with the exception of some gently used items. Mirah's Closet provides each family a one on one, boutique-style shopping experience where the foster child has a choice in what they would like to keep.

Mirah's Closet is supported through donations from community partners, such as yourself. With The Blue Ribbon Project being a 100% Volunteer Organization, your donation goes directly back into supporting Mirah's closet. Donations made on behalf of Mirah's Closet are earmarked specifically for the program (unless you specify it can be used for other programs).


To donate to Mirah's Closet, please visit The Blue Ribbon Project's Mirah's Closet Donation Page.


To donate to the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation, please visit

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