Who We Are

The Blue Ribbon project was founded by Taylor Pyles, an adult survivor of abuse and Foster Care alumn. The Blue Ribbon Project initially started as an on-line resource for adult survivors of abuse. Over time, The Blue Ribbon Project began to grow and additional programs were added based on the needs of abused and neglected children and youth in foster care. A core value of The Blue Ribbon Project is volunteerism and the ability for members of the community to come together to make a difference in the life of an abused child. With that, The Blue Ribbon Project is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff. 

As the organization has grown, additional programs were added to better meet the needs of the community. This includes programs such as Mirah's Closet. Since Mirah's passing, our founder BRP Logo smallwanted to do something to honor her memory and her spirit. Along those lines, our team recognized the growing need for a Foster Closet in our area. It only made sense this would be a wonderful way to honor and pay tribute to Mirah's spirit in caring for others. Mirah's Closet, like all programs offered by The Blue Ribbon Project, are operated by Leadership Team. Our Leadership Team is a core group of volunteers that work closely within the community.  Like our Backpacks of Love Program, Mirah's Closet is supported through financial donations as well as donations of items needed by foster children.   If you would like to help, please consider volunteering with The Blue Ribbon Project or making a small financial donation.

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